From OOP To FP

Adnan A M

Android Developer


Adnan is a seasoned Android developer working with Redmart. His area of focus has generally been writing large scalable code, improving UX and overall app performance. He has a lot of domain knowledge, experience and exposure with E-Commerce and used to previously work with BookMyShow(India's largest entertainment/ticketing portal with a 14M+ user base), where he went on to rewrite the entire app from scratch.


Functional Programming(FP) has become the all the rage at the moment. Maybe you have been wanting to have a look at it but haven't or you already have given it a go but got scared away with all the FP jargon (We are looking at you Monads). In this talk, we will look at how to get started with FP using Kotlin with the existing knowledge you have and look at how we can start moving towards FP by making a few changes(trust me, no talking about the jargon or 3rd party libraries) in your day to day activities. I will also talk about my journey about going from OOP to FP. We will look at some of the mistakes I did and some of the approaches I took while learning FP. We will also create a simple structured approach to start learning/implementing FP in your existing code so that you can learn by doing. We will see real life practical examples of implementing FP in your Android project by converting a few samples from OOP to FP. At the end of the talk we will look at why a library like Arrow-KT can be useful once you have mastered the basics of FP and also how to approach Arrow-KT for your FP needs.

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