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Akshay Chordiya

Android Developer


kshay Chordiya is an Android Developer @ Clue ❤️ and Kotlin Enthusiast and organizer of Kotlin User Group, Pune. He has been working with Android for over 5 years. He is an active community speaker who is mostly found talking about Android and Kotlin. He is an avid blogger and author of “Kotlin Blueprints” book and instructor at


State management is one of the challenging task while developing softwares and recently MVI is one of the architecture pattern which promises to help us with it. There have been multiple talks about "why" and "what" MVI is and there are several libraries and framework providing their own MVI implementation for Android. In this talk, we will combine the power of MVI with MVVM [ViewModel and LiveData] to have peace with the platform rather than fight it. Agenda - What is MVI? - Leverage the power of ViewModel and LiveData - How Roxie to can help you do it? - Testing with Roxie [MVI] - Efficient workflow with MVI You’ll walk away with solid idea of how to do “build MVI for Android” combined with power of Kotlin and MVVM [ViewModel and LiveData]

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