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Anastasia López & Vivien Barousse

Android Developer @ Movivo

Engineering Manager @ Hubble

Anastasia a very passionate Android developer working @ Movivo. She like cupcakes, chocolate, and all types of sweets, which is probably what led her to the Android world.

Vivien is an Engineering Manager at Hubble. Before then, he has built teams at Freeformers, and was an engineering lead at Songkick.com. His career lead him to interview hundreds of candidates, and to interview with dozens of companies himself. While he's mostly working with full stack teams, he enjoys an evening of Android programming, and has a few side projects on the Play Store.


This talk will give you the tools to prepare for interviews, whether it’s making your hiring process better, or simply preparing for an interview as a candidate. As a candidate, interviewing for a new job can be quite stressful and time consuming. It feels like you are being put through an exam. Often, we forget we are also evaluating the company we are interviewing with, especially when we start interviewing for the first time, and it is hard to know what to look for. On the other hand, interviewing candidates for a position can be stressful too. You want to find the perfect person to join your team, but there are many factors that feel out of our hands (e.g. rain can affect the mood of the candidate and the person interviewing and impact the result). We need to effectively control the factors that we can. With this talk we want to focus on the whole process of finding the right people to work with, from the job advert to the offer. And we want to do it from both points of view, as the company and as the candidate. We want to show candidates behind the scenes of the interviewing process, to make it feel less intimidating. We want to teach them how to choose a job and a company that fits with them. We want to give some tips on how to prepare for interviews, and the sort of exercises they might encounter. We also want to help companies improve their hiring process. There is no solution that works for everyone, but there are patterns everyone can follow to do better. We want to show them how to reach candidates, make sure qualified candidates apply, show them how to deal with the unavoidable biases they will face, help them understand the pros and cons of different types of exercises, and finally, help them find the perfect new hire for their team. Hiring and interviewing is not easy, and there is no easy solution to it. But we hope that with this talk we would make it a little bit better for everyone involved.

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