How to Build Android Apps for Cars

Carsten Isert

Tech Lead & Engineering Manager Android Auto


After graduating from the Technical University of Munich and a diploma thesis from Georgia Tech, Carsten started working at BMW and developed software for a range of innovative engine and transmission control units. His favorite project was the Hydrogen 7, the world’s first production car with a hydrogen combustion engine. At BMW Research and Technology, Carsten worked on learning navigation systems, indoor positioning and hybrid navigation system before he went to China to fund and establish the BMW Technology Office China. One of his main contributions was the start of the cooperation with Baidu on autonomous driving. After returning to Munich he took over a management position in BMW’s autonomous driving division working on sensor data fusion and driver monitoring. Before joining Google to build up an automotive team in Munich, Carsten worked as a Research Director at Gartner covering Smart Mobility, Autonomous Driving, Connected Cars and Artificial Intelligence in the automotive space.


Want your apps to reach more drivers? With new Android-based infotainment systems that are built directly into cars, you'll have the ability to reach more users. This talk will focus primarily on how to build new apps or adapt existing Android Auto apps to the new Android-based infotainment systems. Developers interested in building experiences powered by Android can learn about new design changes and how to optimize their apps.

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