Tackling Android Development at Scale

Fábio Carballo

Android @ N26


Fábio Carballo is one of the Android developers at the mobile bank N26, currently focusing in delivering a smooth and quality banking experience. After a nice experience in a smaller company, he understood that he wanted a challenge where he could learn on to scale a team as well as its development processes. He has a special love for those who care about improving the user experience with well grounded user research and smart interactions.


In just under a year, our Android team exploded from 4 people to 21! As the team and project grew, we found what worked before needed to change to feed our team’s ever-growing needs. We needed to scale both project and processes in a sustainable way. In this talk, I will share reflections from my time at N26, where we’re building the bank the world loves to use. We’ll look at questions like: What were our biggest technical challenges? How did we prevent bottlenecks? How did we maintain consistency and not block creativity? What were our biggest mistakes and how did we solve them? We’ll also explore the importance of documentation during this process. By the end of this talk you will have a better understanding of the problems scaling an Android team, how to tackle them and how to create a safe and productive environment.

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