Deep diving into the Kotlin Coroutines API

Filip Babić

Self proclaimed Kotlin preacher, Android fanatic, speaker, mentor, article, tutorial and book writer

Just a 22 year old Croatian student who's been working with Java and Android for more than two years. Loving software, technology and all it's hidden gems still left to be explored. Passionately looking for new challenges to overcome in this ever-changing world of software development. Perfecting Java, but hugely focusing on Kotlin over the past year and a half. Learning Node.js backend in spare time, and coming up with new solutions to everyday problems with the help of an amazing team. A regular blogger, writing about things both thought up by myself and brainstormed with my team, I've always tried to provide people with resources to learn and better understand Android development. Also, a proud RayWenderlich tutorial team author member, writing tutorials about topics both simple and beginner-level and complicated with an advanced level of understanding. Co-founder of the Kotlin User Group Croatia, and a regular Android talks speaker here at Osijek, I've always strived to share whatever knowledge I have, and have recently learned so that other people can receive the same help I received when I was first starting out. Gave out over fifteen talks here in Osijek, was the lead organizer of an Android Dev Academy, where we gave people the much-needed introduction to Android development, as well as best practices they should follow and enforce when one day, hopefully, they end up in the software development world. I've always strived to be a pillar in the community when it comes to learning, as I believe learning is one of the most important things of our daily lives, but even more important is the sharing of learned things, so that other people may prosper from them as well. With all that in mind, I've also taken up writing a free book about Kotlin and Android development, which will hopefully one day become one of the top learning resources each newly baked Android developer, and of course, Kotlin lover will use.


Have you been learning Kotlin Coroutines by trial and error? Do you need a change of pace and environment or just a guide which doesn't baffle you with the sheer amounts of computer science terms, which coroutines are built upon? Look no more! In this session, we'll go over the majority of the Kotlin Coroutines API, with the emphasis on explaining how each component works, which principles and elements are used behind the scenes, and how you can utilize Coroutines in your code, without burning out due to all the theory that is the foundation of computing and multi-threading.

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