Think of the next billion users: Building for Low End devices

Frank Tamre

Lab Technician


I worked at Intel as an Applications Engineer and Developer Advocate. I consult on various Android projects both as a developer and as a systems architect. I then co-Founded one of the first coding bootcamps in Africa - Moringa School. Having left in 2016, I started EarlyCamp that trains young children aged 4-12 years old how to solve problems with technology. Lead organizer at droidconke. I co-organize KotlinKenya and Android254 - the largest Android developer community in Africa. A chef, reader and swimmer when not programming or teaching.


Approximately half of the world's s population is not connected to the internet. Of this number, it's projected that most of them will use low end devices to come online for the first time. I have spent a large portion of the last 6years enabling low end users get online and app developers and companies In this talk we delve into: 1. considerations in developing your Android applications for low end users. 2. How to deal with slow or poor internet. 3. Performance issues in low end devices and solve for them. 4. Coding for low end devices- a general overview . At the end of this talk, attendees will leave with the knowledge of how to build for low end devices for the next billion users.

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