The Art of Code Reviews

Fred Porciúncula



Android developer from Brazil who just moved to Berlin to work at Blinkist. I started playing with Android with friends back in college when we created an app for the university bus schedule. We published many other apps after that and then I had the opportunity to work for Disney on their ABC app and later for Quizlet. I love talking about Kotlin, architecture, and the little details about the apps we build.


Code reviews are a fundamental part of our job as software developers. Every piece of code we write is (hopefully) carefully reviewed by our teammates before becoming part of our systems. It's an important part of the development process, and it requires significant time and effort. While a great review experience will promote interesting discussions, ensure consistency in the codebase, and potentially catch bugs and implementation oversights, a poor review might lead to nasty bugs and unhappy developers. Still, sometimes it's hard to find the motivation to thoroughly review a pull request, and eventually it just doesn't seem to be worth it given the time you'll need to spend and how hard it usually is to properly review those huge PRs that pop up every now and then. In this talk you'll learn strategies and guidelines that will help improve the efficiency of your team's code reviews. We'll talk about work in progress PRs, commit by commit reviews, emoji driven comments and more. You'll listen to great (and scary) tales of code reviews experiences, and lots of tips and tricks when it comes to preparing the perfect pull request for your peers.

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