Flowing in the Deep

Hannes Dorfmann & Gabriel Ittner

Android Team Lead & Android Developer


Hannes is an enthusiastic android engineer who takes the green little robot very close to his heart. He works as Lead Android Developer at Freeletics. If Hannes is not coding then he is recording new episodes as co-host for TheContext podcast or writing his thoughts down in his blog (hannesdorfmann.com).

Gabriel is originally from Berlin but now lives in Munich where he works at Freeletics. He is developing Android apps since 2011 and is particularly interested in app architecture and code generation.


The Kotlin team introduced a new type called Flow which looks similar to RxJava’s Observable or Flowable. Have you ever wondered what’s the difference between Flow and RxJava? How does Flow work under the hood? How is it connected to Coroutines? How do you write your own operator? What about Kotlin Coroutine Channels? Backpressure? Coroutine Scopes? Join this session to get an introduction into Flow followed by a deep dive into some core aspects of Flow to ultimately feel confident using Flow inside your android app.

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