How to avoid calling the lawyer – A legal session on mobile gaming and a case study of GDPR violatio

Hans-Christian Woger & Felix Hilgert


Osborne Clarke

Hans-Christian primarily advises on IT and data protection law as well as on all issues relating to the digital economy. He is particularly active in the field of advising on setting up and operating platforms of all kinds in the digital economy as well as data exchange between companies. In the past, Hans-Christian Woger has advised and assisted various companies, both industry leaders and start-ups, in the aforementioned areas . He joined Osborne Clarke in 2018 and previously worked for a number of years in an international commercial law firm and a boutique law firm in the IP and IT sectors. Hans-Christian Woger studied at the European University Viadrina and the University of Potsdam. During his legal clerkship, he completed, among other things, a station in Dublin. He regularly gives lectures on IT and data protection topics and publishes in this field. He is a lecturer in European trademark and unfair competition law at the European University Viadrina.

Felix Hilgert is a technology and video games lawyer with a strong international focus. My practice centers on IP/IT agreements, as well as specific issues of the (interactive) entertainment industry. I'm currently based in Cologne, Germany, but I've also lived and worked in Paris, Vancouver, Toronto and San Francisco. I regularly write about IT, copyright and youth protection law in legal journals, and am a regular contributor to the specialized blog


Yes, this is a legal session by lawyers who will talk about legal stuff. Yes, there will be talk on fines for data protection violations and how to avoid getting sued when offering or developing mobile games. And actually this is a pretty good thing. Not getting sued gives you more time to develop your app and expand your business. It helps you to avoid awkward calls with your lawyers. And no one wants those. The session will be for 60 minutes and cover two different topics. First we will provide you with an analyses from a few GDPR cases that actually lead to fines by data protection authorities. We will cover what were the factual and legal reasons for those fines and what are the lessons learned from these cases. The idea is to enable you to avoid data protection violations already committed by other parties in the past. The second part of the session will comprise nearly everything that has to do with mobile gaming. We will take about mobile payments and in-app purchases – not only interesting for the game developers – as well as how to avoid legal pitfalls concerning the content and marketing of games. Both session will have a Q&A. Stop by and learn on how not to fall into a legal trap.

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