Modularizing and Refactoring Android App with Clean Architecture

Hiroyuki Mori & Keisuke Kiuchi

Android tech lead @ Yahoo! JAPAN, KURO-OBI (Blackbelt)

Yahoo! Japan/ Android Eng/ Love CleanArchitecture

Hiroyuki Mori is Android tech lead at Yahoo! JAPAN, the biggest search website in Japan, focused on security and app architecture. In his free time, he enjoys boating and fishing.

- I Love CleanArcitecture - My Daughter is verrrrrrrry cute!! - I Start to study android at GingerBread - Start kotlin study form Google I/O 2017 - Splatoon2(Lv X!) - Motto: "Write readable code for tomorrow me" , "Do My Best to be conforably" - Recent Study: UI/UX, Management, DDD, Agile scrum, Organization theory, Psychology, Swift


As the mobile app market grows, the quality standards people request us for apps gets higher, our product gets more complex and our team gets bigger. In that process, our legacy codebase became also larger than ever. We had 700,000 lines of code, mainly written in Java, and some Activities were left very fat, unstable, and hard to understand. So we decided to refactor our app with Kotlin and use extreme programming for our project. First we separated our app into many modules so that we can run tests repeatedly and rapidly, and adopted the Clean Architecture to facilitate future refactoring. This talk will show how we refactor our app which has full of legacy code, and how important part multi-modularizing and the clean architecture played for our refactoring. We will cover topics like architecture, refactoring, testing, and dependency breaking techniques using examples from our experiences.

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