Taking your users’ money: In-app billing from start to best practices

Kai Koenig

Software Solutions Architect


I am a Software Solutions Architect specialised in web and mobile technologies using client-side platforms such as mobile web, Flutter and Android. Another focus of my work is building and the integration with JVM-backend platforms such as Java, Kotlin, ColdFusion, Lucee and others like Go and Python. I spend most of my work time contributing to projects of various clients and sizes, fulfilling the role of an architect, principal developer, consultant or mentor/instructor.


So, you’ve built an app. It'd be nice to make some money with it and instead of only charging a one-off purchase price you’re maybe considering a free app with extra features. Or you might think about a subscription model to create an ongoing cash-flow by selling a service. Depending on your actual occupation in the Android-ecosystem you might never had the need to look into monetisation of an app. In a nutshell, it’s a Google Play service - implementation should be smooth and easy and super-straight-forward, right? RIGHT? How hard could it be? Topics: * Google's various in-app billing offerings and their differences * Play Billing and how to implement a working billing flow * Dealing with subscriptions in your app and the back end * Testing and 3rd party support libraries like Register and BillingX * Managing your products in Google Play and Firebase Analytics

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