Mobile @Scale with React Native

Lev Vidrak

Leading the Guild-Masters Team

I've been a software engineer for the last 7 years, focusing on mobile development and working on various projects. Today, I'm leading Wix's mobile guild-masers team working with Android & React Native frameworks.


Wix Mobile Application built with React Native, a cross-platform framework, allowing developers to compose mobile apps using JavaScript in a declarative way. At we are building our mobile app with React Native from the first commit almost three years ago. Today, we are ~70 mobile developers, from 15 different teams, writing code that is integrated into one application, with the ability to release a new version to stores every day. Scaling a production-grade application without compromising on performance and dev velocity, brought us to multi-module architecture, and think more like an OS to allow each team integrates their mini app ("Module") into the main Wix’s React Native mobile platform (aka "Engine"). In this talk, we will start from the basic concept of React-Native and understand how it fits with multi-module architecture in mobile. Following that, we will demonstrate the full development process when working at scale, through testing, building and releasing the app to the stores.

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