Why we failed at modularizing our app. An honest retrospective.

Marcos Holgado

Señor Android Developer


Marcos is a Senior Android developer at Sky and has been working with Android since 2010. At Sky he has been leading the migration of different Android apps to a shared codebase and modularizing it. He loves automating stuff and is constantly trying to find ways to reuse code and features without having to write a single line of code more than once. When he is not coding he is flying a PA28 across the UK.


Modularization is the new trend, almost everybody in the Android ecosystem is refactoring their apps to use a modularized approach. We at Sky are no different, we had a big monolithic codebase supporting 4 apps in different countries that we started modularizing in September 2017. But we failed, big time. This talk is an honest retrospective of everything that went wrong, the bad decisions that we made, the approach we initially took and how we, against all odds, eventually started re-building a maintainable, sustainable and extensible modularized codebase. In this talk you will learn from our mistakes and struggles, like defining what is a module and its responsibilities, how to integrate Dagger in a multi-module environment, set some rules and best practices and much more but, more importantly, you will learn what not to do when modularizing your codebase.

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