CI experts on Android and iOS dependency management

Martin Jeret

Business & Product expert


Martin works closely with Codemagic CI/CD for Flutter apps and the Flutter community. He is working towards providing the best CI/CD experience to developers and businesses around the world. In his spare time he likes to listen to B.B king and play blues guitar.


Third party dependencies can have significant impact on the build performance of the app, even more so in a CI environment, where build times are often a lot longer when compared to those that developers are used to on their workstations. This talk will explain what are the causes and possible ways to speed up your builds. At Nevercode, our main focus is to build apps fast and we have done extensive research into what is needed to convert your application's source code to a binary that can be delivered to the customers. So what are the differences in building the Android and iOS apps and how can developers speed up their builds? Come and find out!

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