Better Together

Niamh Power

Mobile Engineer


Niamh is a mobile engineer at the bank Monzo, based in the UK. She works on both iOS and Android, and loves to be able to share insights between platforms. In her spare time she loves to do anything outdoors, from white water rafting to rock climbing.


"Across the mobile industry, there is often this great divide between the two platforms, iOS, and Android. The consumer arguments of which side is better, and what phones are better regularly leak into our work and quite frankly taint our ability to make great applications for our users. As developers, we are sometimes subject to the whims and biases of designers and product managers. However, we have to take responsibility for ensuring that our mobile products as a whole are enjoyable and consistent for our users. At Monzo, there is a culture of collaboration, which has resulted in the mobile apps becoming closer and closer in feature parity. However, there are still issues, and definitely lessons from the past, which I will detail in this talk. I will also delve into the issues with the more black and white thought processes that plague the industry, what damage they can cause and how much of a detriment to your product they can be. She will then go on to explain how, by working together and appreciating the benefits of both sides, you can ultimately design and build apps that everybody will love, and also be happier in our work."

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