Offline Video with Exoplayer

Remco Mokveld


Disney Streaming Services

Based in Amsterdam, Remco started doing Android in 2010. Since then he has developed a passion for architecture and productivity optimization. At Disney Streaming Services Remco started out as a R&D engineer but quickly got to the position of Lead Android Engineer. There is he currently responsible for steering the architectural direction in the Android apps.


Video Playback on Android is hard. That means adding support for offline video is hard as well. When we, at Disney Streaming Services, started ESPN+ working on the offline features that was the assumption we made. When we started digging into it more thoroughly , it turned out that Exoplayer actually has (very scarcely documented) support for downloading different types of video and playing it back very easily. This presentation will first give a crash course on the HLS format, and then showcase the ease with which HLS streams can be downloaded and played back offline using Exoplayer.

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