CoCoS - Remote configuration with super powers

Sebastian Paulus & Yusuf Figanioglu

Tech Lead of the Android Team & Android Developer


Sebastian is working as an Android developer for more than 7 years. As the Tech Lead of the Android team, he's focused on delivering a fast and reliable Mail app for more than 8 million monthly active users. Together with a team of 12 developers, he develops the mail and cloud app for the brands GMX, WEB.DE, and 1&1.

Yusuf is an Android developer at 1&1. He's currently working on the Cloud apps where he can explore, try new technologies and bring cool features to users. He has a special passion for flying things, that might be the answer to why he loves working on Cloud apps.


We will present a powerful solution to remotely configure an Android app. If you want to configure features, URLs or other aspects (e.g. A/B testing) our tool will enable you to do that based on virtually everything such as app state, user accounts, actions and so on. CoCoS consists of a service, a client library and a command line tool to deliver, read and set up configurations. Configurations are based on a freely defined context sent from the app to the service. This service is comparable to Firebase Remote config but has infinite flexibility and will be open source. This talk gives you an overview of the capabilities of CoCoS and how we use it to make our app remotely configurable in a powerful and easy way.

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