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Sourabh Gupta

Engineering Manager


Engineering Manager in Swiggy. Presently Leading the Consumer Apps team for Android in Swiggy. Before Swiggy been with Flipkart for past 6 years and was Leading the Android team in Flipkart. Medium


Session will be about what are the Key Metrics that Define the App as Best app and what are the best practices to solve it. App Install Size -: More the App Size lesser will be the App installs What are the best practices which needs to be followed to reduce it with right App Architecture Details here App Launch Time -: first Experience user will see post installing the app how to optimize it and maintain it with release by release What are the best practices to make it better App Adoption -: How to improve App adoption with/without React Native and with new Google features like in-app update and Learning with phase rollout and auto updates. Vitals -: Why crashes and Vitals played major part in building Good app and how that can be optimized during code development itself Build Time -: Lesser the build time faster the Development is. How we can optimnize build time using Modular approach and best practices for it App rating -: How to get 4.5+ app rating in Play store and how to provide seamless Experience to users. Release Cycle -: Train Model Release with fastlane for beta and production part Coding guidelines Validation in App which will take care of App launch time , crashes , apk size with every commit along with basic coding style check

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